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About Phones2Pounds

Phones2Pounds specialises in exactly what it says: turning your old mobile phones into money.

The Luton-based company buys phones, then recycles or refurbishes them. There's only a fairly small range of mobiles that it currently offers quotes on, but that range includes a lot of iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.

True to its name, Phones2Pounds tends to offer higher quotes for old phones than a lot of buyers and recyclers - you'll often find it towards the top of the list for a number of models when you use our comparison tool.

Sending your phone to Phones2Pounds is free, and the company offers free returns if your initial quote is revised too. If no revision is necessary, however, or if you're happy with the new quote, you'll be paid the same day the company receives your phone. Payment can be made by either bank transfer or cheque.