Quick Mobile Fix

Read all about Quick Mobile Fix, a mobile recycling company featured on SellMyMobile.com.

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About Quick Mobile Fix

Quick Mobile Fix doesn't just mend broken mobiles - it also buys old smartphones and tablets, even if they're in sorry condition.

It doesn't buy a huge range of phones, but it offers competitive pricing on those that it does. Its main focus, however, is on buying broken models: it'll accept phones in a huge range of conditions, including ones with cracked screens, sound issues, dodgy batteries, stiff and broken buttons, non-working cameras, and even liquid damage.

The amount it offers will be tiered based on exactly how your phone is broken, so it should be quite accurate.

Free postage is available from Quick Mobile Fix - though it doesn't offer free returns - and you'll be paid on the same day your phone arrives on its doorstep. In the meantime, you can track your order easily through the website.

Payment options are either bank transfer, or a Quick Mobile Fix Voucher that you can use to buy a refurbished phone or mobile accessories from its store. Or, you can swap it straight away for a new refurbished phone.