Rapid Phone Buyer

Read all about Rapid Phone Buyer, a mobile recycling company featured on SellMyMobile.com.

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About Rapid Phone Buyer

Rapid Phone Buyer promises speedy service when you sell your phone. It's based in Hull, and buys a big range of old mobile phones. That includes a lot of older models, which it offers some surprisingly good quotes on - you may find you can get more cash from Rapid Phone Buyer for old mobiles like Nokia feature phones than you can from other recyclers.

The company is happy to buy plenty of phones whether they're working, faulty, or broken. In fact, it offers more money than most recyclers do for a lot of damaged handsets.

Along with good prices, Rapid Phone Buyer also covers all postage, including free returns if it changes its initial quote after receiving your phone.

Payment is indeed rapid too, sent out by bank transfer or cheque the same day your phone arrives and is checked over.

When Rapid Phone Buyer receives your phone, in most cases it's reconditioned, then sent off or sold in markets around the world as a refurbished model through the company's partners. It aims to reuse or sell every single device it receives - if it can't, it will take the phone apart and recycle it instead.