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About RPC Recycle

RPC Recycle has been around for about a decade, recycling the UK's old mobile phones and tablets. It buys plenty of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, along with most other Apple products too, at very competitive prices.

The company buys broken phones too. It offers less for them, but the exact amount you can get depends on exactly how your phone is damaged. In a lot of cases, it will even pay cash for phones with water damage, which the majority of mobile recyclers won't do.

Payment is available by either bank transfer, PayPal, or cheque - or you can choose to donate your fee to charity instead. RPC Recycle chooses which causes it supports, and tends to pick ones based in its home town of Norwich or Norfolk. Free postage is available too.

Most phones that the company receives are refurbished, then sold on and reused elsewhere. If a phone can't be reconditioned, it's instead broken down into parts which are recycled.