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SELLPHONES operates out of Birmingham, and says it aims to be as transparent and honest with its customers as possible.

It buys a large range of mobile phones and tablets, including quite a few models that a lot of other recycling companies don't buy. In particular, it tends to offer excellent quotes on Android mobiles.

It pays out more money for brand new, unused devices than it does for used handsets - in fact, its offers on new phones are often very competitive.

On the other hand, it doesn't usually buy broken phones. If your device is damaged, you may need to compare options from other recyclers instead.

Free postage is available if you choose to sell your device to SELLPHONES, and payment by bank transfer is made within two days of the company receiving your phone. If the company changes its initial quote to you after it receives your phone and you're not happy with it, however, a fee applies to have it returned.

Meanwhile, most phones that it does buy are refurbished and sold elsewhere - particularly in developing countries.