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About SellPhone24

Peterborough-based SellPhone24 has been buying, refurbishing, and selling phones for 15 years, so it's got plenty of experience.

It buys a pretty massive range of mobiles, and has some very good quotes on them. It's happy to buy broken and faulty devices too, including ones with liquid damage - though this may knock a decent amount off your price.

It prefers unlocked phones, and deducts quite a bit from its initial quote if your phone is locked to a network. It's probably worth getting it unlocked first if you're thinking of selling to SellPhone24.

Most phones it buys are refurbished and sold through its sister shop, HandTec - meaning it much prefers devices in decent condition.

It offers free postage if you do sell - you can either print out a label yourself, or have SellPhone24 send you a post pack. Or, if you have a bunch of phones you want to sell at once, it'll arrange a courier service. Free returns are available too, if your quote needs to be adjusted after the company tests your phone.

When you sell, you can choose whether you prefer to be paid by bank transfer or PayPal. Payment is sent across the same day that SellPhone24 receives your device, checks it over, and confirms your price.