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Read all about Tesco Recycle, a mobile recycling company featured on SellMyMobile.com.

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About Tesco Recycle

Tesco does it all: reasonably-priced groceries, banking, mobile deals - and mobile recycling, via its Tesco Trade-in arm.

It buys back a fairly wide range of phones, mostly smartphones from all the major manufacturers. If you want to recycle a device you got in the last few years, you can almost certainly sell it to Tesco Trade-in.

Most handsets that it buys get refurbished and sold elsewhere, so it certainly prefers ones in decent condition. Any that can't be fixed and sold are instead fully broken down so their parts can be safely recycled.

Available payment methods are either bank transfer, or a Tesco Mobile voucher that you can put towards a new phone. (That's a voucher for Tesco Mobile - not one that you can use in the supermarket.) Annoyingly, the recycler pays quite a bit more if you choose the voucher over cash.