Zombie Buyer

Read all about Zombie Buyer, a mobile recycling company featured on SellMyMobile.com.

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About Zombie Buyer

Zombie Buyer specialises in buying and recycling old iPhones, and bringing them back to life.

It purchases a big range of iPhone models, and will buy broken and damaged handsets too - its prices for broken iPhones are quite competitive, in fact.

Provided you select the most accurate condition for your phone, Zombie Buyer promises to pay the amount you're initially quoted. If it does need to revise its quote for any reason, your phone can be returned to you for free if you don't like the look of the new price.

As a bonus, Zombie Buyer also offers referral codes. If you refer a friend to the service after selling your phone, and they sell theirs to Zombie Buyer as well, both of you get a cash reward.

Free postage is available, and payments are made by bank transfer.